Will you be investing?

Little did I know that when I set myself up in business a year ago my purpose and intention would become even more relevant.

Workplace wellbeing and people related investment.

We could all see that life was getting faster, more stressful for people and we were all trying to meet expectations and demands, our own and others, personal and professional.

Then a pandemic came long and it caused us all to revaluate, our lives, our lifestyle, our time, our relationships, our purpose and our needs.

I am thrilled that an outcome of this difficult year has been a sharper focus on wellbeing, ensuring that individuals get what they need and that collectively those individuals determine the success of an organisation.

Large organisations and the leaders within them are investing time and money into their staff because they know it’s what is needed for individuals and organisations to thrive.

So, is 2021 going to be a ‘people related investment’ year for you and your organisation.

‘People related investment’ is an investment in knowledge economy rather than organisational cost. It promotes personal wellbeing – happiness, positivity, empowerment, engagement and resilience, the important things that radiate around us, positively influencing others.

Investing in people to be their best in a way that feels authentic and absolutely right for them, giving them the clarity, focus and determination to achieve what they want is an investment with a high return.

…and we can’t forget it:

  • retains employees and promotes stability
  • improves results and outcomes
  • improves work/life balance
  • attracts others to your organisation.
  • Produces highly effective and productive staff

The clients I have worked with this year have been invested in by their orgaisation. They have been rewarded with a high return: renewed focus, renewed energy, motivation and determination. It has been a year of their best thinking, self-discovery and the identification of endless resources.

All clients have used their individual discoveries and learning and reflected it back into their work, to be their best and to bring their best to their organisations, moving into 2021 with excitement and optimism about what they will continue to achieve.

As we move towards a new year I am looking forward to seeing what their renewed energy, focus and motivation continues to attract.

Bring on 2021.