Enhance your well-being and perform at your best

Do you want to make sustainable changes to how you manage your working life?

Do you want to be fulfilled and inspired again?

Do you want to be re-energised, motivated and committed?

Turn challenges into options and improve your results.

Do you want to see a change in productivity and effectiveness?

Do you want to see a positive impact on your bottom line results?

Do you want to inspire passion and enthusiasm and radiate your ‘best-self’?

• Enhancing long term effectiveness

• Increasing productivity

• Improving performance

• Developing job satisfaction

• Building resilience

About Optimal

What can Optimal do for me?

Success is built on an excellent relationship and rapport. You need to feel comfortable and confident in what you are investing in. A personal approach is imperative so you have the opportunity to ask questions about what Optimal can do and how it fits with what you want to achieve. Once this has been established, I will support you to experience meaningful, lasting change.

  • Enhance your life and help you experience significant lasting change underpinned by your core values.
  • Elevate your thinking and be your ‘best-self’.
  • Positively influence the way you think.
  • Discover your goals and outcomes. If you don’t know what they are you will identify them.
  • Utilise and maximise your resources.
  • Identify solutions as and when you need them.
  • Feel in control of what you want and how you get it.
  • Accomplish your goals.

What makes Optimal special?

Sessions are driven by what you need and want. You know what you want and you have the answers. The results come from the conversations we have. I support you to generate options and solutions. You will learn more about yourself and apply your true self, your ‘best self’ and make lasting change as a result. You will feel empowered, confident in your decision making and in control of your performance resulting in ‘best-self-success’. 

Who do Optimal work with?

Optimal work with people who recognise that something needs to change. People who want to enhance their lives in some way, invest in themselves and their development, they want progression and to be their ‘best self’ personally and professionally. 

I work with individuals and teams to expand their capabilities, to achieve their development objectives, to gain an increased self-awareness, clarify their goals and to enhance their performance. 

Individual coaching includes: increasing job satisfaction and fulfilment at work, enhancing performance, preparing for promotion or career change, adapting to change at work or a change of expectation.

Team coaching involves truly unifying a team for a shared goal and purpose, to clarify the desired outcome and work collaboratively, utilising shared resources. 

Who is Optimal?

Optimal is Nicky Dewhirst-Vickers, a Personal Development and Performance Coach. I work with people to enhance their well-being and motivation, to make positive changes and to reach their goals. I am committed in supporting you to feel empowered, motivated and inspired in order to implement change. I am passionate about the importance of investing in our well-being and the links this has to our ability to be productive both personally and professionally.

I use my 20 years experience of managing teams along with Coaching skills, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and TLT (Time Line Therapy) to support people to identify new ways of thinking. Working with Optimal will enhance your life and you will make significant changes.

To find out more about me please visit my LinkedIn page.

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